Welcome to Yakiniku restaurant Okuda in Iga!

The land of Ninja premium beef

Iga beef is raised in rich natural surroundings of Iga region, where the temperature difference between seasons is quite extreme. It has a rich aroma, flavour, and a unique quality of meat that is so tender it melts in your mouth.
The fat in beef has a low melting point giving it a succulent flavour, and with savoury meat you can enjoy the original deliciousness of meat, making it very healthy. 
Iga beef has a long history. It was mentioned in a chronicle circa 1300 which said that the dried meat was used as a portable food for Iga Ninja.
Please enjoy prestigious and rare Iga beef “Yakiniku”, meat grilled on a special net (meat is cut into bite-size pieces).
We are one of the few restaurants that serve edible raw beef. We are particular about the freshness of our ingredients, so we control the production, the sales and also run the restaurant. We provide first-class service and hospitality.

Set menu

Assorted highest quality meat (2 servings) ¥17,000
*Large Serving.
Specially selected sirloin steak / Specially selected fillet steak / Specially selected premium beef spareribs / Specially selected premium salted tongue / Assorted vegetables / Salad / Pickled vegetable
*Spare Ribs – the fatty part which is taken from the lower part of the cows ribs.
*Salted tongue – tongue flavoured with salt.
Assorted premium meat (1 serving) ¥4,750
*We accept orders from 2 servings
*The photo shows 2 servings (¥9,500).
Premium loin / Premium beef spareribs / Diced lean meat / Stomach / Intestine / Assorted Raw Vegetables for Grilling, cabbage / Salad / Pickled vegetable
*Stomach – the rumen or paunch, which is the first chamber of the cow’s stomach. It has a chewy texture.
*Intestine – Large intestines of the cow, also known as “horumon”. It is somewhat different from fat of lean meat and has a light taste

A la Carte menu

*They are a la carte menu. They don’t come with rice.
*1 serving is approx. 100g. We recommend 3 servings (approx. 300g) per person.
*Meat Only.

  • Pump cubecut steak
    (1 serving)

  • Loin
    (1 serving)

  • Premium loin
    (1 serving)

How to enjoy Yakiniku

Like Sashimi
Yakiniku is like the meat version of Sashimi. Please enjoy each piece of meat with special sauce or salt and pepper.
Like Sushi
Eat it with rice and it is almost like Sushi and delicious.
Eat the meat with dipping condiment you like
Miso flavoured sauce/Soy sauce flavoured sauce/Salt/Matcha (green tea) salt/Pepper
Forks and knives
Forks and knives are available for those who prefer not to use chopsticks. Please feel free to ask for them.

Restaurant information

  • table
  • table
  • table
  • 2F 2-134, Konodai, Nabari City, Mie Prefecture, 518-0702
  • TEL: 0595-64-0229
  • Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (last order 9pm)
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • We serve lunch, dinner, and alcoholic beverages (including wine and beer).
    Take reservations.
    Accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, and Cash (Japanese Yen only).
    Free Wi-Fi, English menu, printed menu, chairs for children, Western style seating, Japanese style seating , and free parking spot are available.
    Waiter/waitress will take orders.
    Wheelchair accessible.
  • Access: Open Google map

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